Our Jury

Alexandra Stefanakis

Alexandra Stefanakis is a multidisciplinary writer and photographer by trade. Since the 83’s, she celebrates, with realism, the allure of femininity with an artistic approach borrowed from the codes of music and cinema in a well being approach. In this dynamic, the staged compositions are contrasting and resonate with avant-garde new pop art. Greatly influenced by the work of Le Corbusier and Kandinsky. In her artistic work, she uses a variety of media. She designed the Belive connectée fresco with a view to getting the public to interact with the work via mobile phones. The aim is to tell the story of a historical facet of jazz through a mural that will enhance the urban space in an artistic and educational way. The scenography will have the impact of a giant jigsaw puzzle. This digital street art, called Smartartwall, will cover the façades of an evolving architecture and will incorporate films.
In 1996, when she designed the freque, which will finally be presented in 2019 for the Fête de la Musique in Paris, she used old-fashioned processes with a vocabulary that married a modern look to a collection: the colours of jazz, which are gum bichromate images. Her latest installation will incorporate ecological AI, bringing to life the story of a piece of music within a drum set that broadcasts films and photographs, to create an Introspection…

Alexandra has contributed to photographic works on luxury and sport, and works as Artistic Director for prestigious events. She has lived in Paris since 1987, and has been invited to present her thematic collections, which she shares on an exhibition basis. Her photographs have been exhibited many times in prestigious galleries and institutions, including the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York. Today, between artistic design and exhibitions, she produces experimental film capsules with a poetic approach. She founded the Anastasi’Art association in 2018 with the aim of dedicating multi-format art installations to the environment and as a solution to marine protection. The films made for Anastasi’Art are a poetic reflection to bring our senses into dialogue on the mise en abime of a real concern that makes sense of ecological issues. She is continuing her work in new visual universes that exploit digital technology, while waiting to make her next film.

Joanna Sklaveniti

Joanna Sklaveniti is an actress and poet. She studied at the School of Dramatic Art of the Municipality of Agia Barvara ”Iakovos Kampanellis” and the Drama School Mary Vogiatzi- Traga (Athens). She has also attended theater seminars in England, Lispa (London International School of Performing Arts).
She has participated in many plays in Greece as well as in television and advertising productions in England, with her recent appearance in the film ” Luger” directed by Kostas Charalambous and theatrical appearance in ”Violencens I” directed by Christos Makrygiorgos – Catherine Banque at the Fournos theater in Athens (2020). Her first poetry collection ”Moons of Pleasure” was published by the publishing house Pnoi (2017).

Lizette Araceli Vargas

Lizette Araceli Vargas currently works as a cinematographer and photographer in Paris, France.

She graduated with a Bachelor in Audiovisual Arts from the “DIS” (Departamento de Imagen y Sonido, UDG). She continued with her film studies at the University “Jean Jaurès” in Toulouse.

She directed the photography in many fictional short films, the documentary “Primitivo” & video clips like “Negra calma”. In her latest work as DOP in the short film “The clay and the girl” in Greece, she got two nominations from two different international film festivals for Best Cinematography.

Daiva Malina

Daiva is a Lithuanian actress, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She holds a degree in Acting and Theater Performance from New College Lanarkshire.

She starred in numerous productions in the British theater and won a “Best Actress Platinum Award” for her performance in the short film “Inside the sheer nostalgia of a lullaby”, Royal Wolf Film Awards 2020. She is a frequent performer in Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Antonios Chamaletsos

Antonios Chamaletsos was born in Engelskirchen, Germany, March 1985.

He is a self-taught photographer with 16 years of experience. So far, he has made two solo photo exhibitions and his photos have been featured and published on several photography websites and magazines.

Aggeliki Marathia

Aggeliki Marathia is an actress.

She graduated from Iasmos Higher Drama School of Vassilis Diamantopoulos and she has also done contemporary dance seminars with Gabriella Anifantaki. She lives and works in Athens.

Christos Danakas

Christos Danakas began his musical studies in Greece, which were completed at the “Athenaeum” Conservatory, where he received his piano diploma. He continued his studies in Germany by entering the “Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Trossingen”, where he received his bachelor’s and master’s degree in solo piano “with honours and a special distinction”.

This was followed by his first important steps in composition with his “Music Stories”, a cycle of pieces for solo piano. As a film composer, Christos Danakas has received awards at important film festivals in all over the world, such as: Cannes World Film Festival, New York International Film Awards, Los Angeles Film Awards, London Movie Awards, Chicago Cinema Awards, Milan Gold Awards, Canadian Cinematography Awards, Budapest Film Festival, Istanbul Film Awards etc. He lives in Stuttgart, Germany, where he plays concerts and teaches piano in conservatories and music academies.

Yannis Voliotis

Yannis Voliotis is a Film & Theatre Director, Producer and Screenwriter for many famous Greek TV Series. He holds a Graduate and Postgraduate Diploma in the Film School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has taken cinema lessons with Krzysztof Zanussi in Poland and with Emir Kusturica in Serbia. From 2005-2010 he worked in Thessaloniki as an assistant director, director of commercial films, editor, cinematographer and production man- ager of Urban Productions. From 2012, he works in Athens, with various production companies as producer, director and editor.

He is the Founder – Producer – Director of the company “Volition”, with numerous projects in the field of advertising, music videos, internet marketing and television productions. The company’s customer list include, among others, SEVT, Demium Startups, the theater companies of I. Kanellopoulos and Tagaris Brothers, the Foundation of Greater Hellenism, the Argo Theater, Tima Film and the BBC.

Christos Arfanis

Christos Arfanis is a Greek filmmaker (film producer, screenwriter, film director), entertainment author/journalist, and music producer. He has extensive experience in writing articles about audiovisual media (movies and series) interviewing various talents. He is a member of Scriptwriters’ Guild of Greece.