BEST Films

Awards 2023

Honorary Awards

Tell me Iggy, Directress: Sophie Blondy
Life Underground, Director: Hervé Cohen

Jury Awards

“Best International Monologue” : Hantush – A Fairytale, Directress: Alexia Tsouni
“Best Short Film” : Takbir, Director: Jordi Calvet
“Best Monologue from Agrinio” : 120, Acting: Chrisoula Spireli & Zephy Ross
“Best Original Soundtrack” : PinkMountain, Director: ThomasKünstler, Composer: Yannis Pothos

Audience Awards

The results!

Congratulations to everybody!

“Best Short Film” : Repeat, Director: Bill Matters

“Best International Monologue” : As long as I can dream, Acting: Giannis Oichaliotis

“Best Monologue from Agrinio” : Wake Up Call, Acting: Stavrina Vasilopoulou

“Best Dress” Award : Silia Blitsa

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